Here at Amor Beauty Therapy we offer the latest technology for hair removal, IPL.  IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is a form of light therapy used for hair removal.   IPL works on all hair colours and skin tones and is a fast, safe and cost effective solution to long term hair removal.  This method is less painful than other methods of hair removal and produces some of the best results.  

It is important to understand the hair growth cycle in order to understand how IPL will work.  The hair growth cycle has three stages:

Anagen: active growth phase
Catagen: regressive phase
Telegen: resting phase

It is only during the ANAGEN active growth stage that the laser will permanently disable hair growth.   The cycle for each hair is not synchronised which is why it is important to have multiple treatments at carefully selected intervals so that we can target the phase of growth.  

What do you need to do before a treatment?

Firstly, you are welcome to come on in for a free consultation to discuss how the treatment works.  If you have been waxing or shaving you will need to wait until the hair has regrown so that I can see what I will be working with.  Do not sunbed, spray tan or fake tan for two weeks prior to your treatment.  Once you are booked in for a treatment you will need to shave the day before.

Call now to book a free consultation on 06 835 5964.  Start your journey to being hair free for summer.